Trudy Busch Valentine Releases Statement on Senator Graham’s Proposed National Abortion Ban

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St. Louis —Today, nurse, mother, and grandmother Trudy Busch Valentine released a statement on Senator Lindsey Graham’s proposed national abortion ban. 

“Politicians need to get the hell out of our doctors’ offices,” said Trudy Busch Valentine.  “As a nurse, mother, and grandmother, I wholeheartedly believe a woman should have the freedom to make her own healthcare decisions without government mandates. These are deeply personal and private decisions that should be between a woman and her doctor.

“Unfortunately, here in Missouri, Eric Schmitt has already proven just how extreme and out-of-touch he is on this issue. He personally signed — and then bragged about — triggering the country’s first abortion ban that provides NO exceptions even in cases of rape and incest that involve child victims.

“Time and time again, he’s shown us just how dangerous he is for Missouri women, and in the Senate, voters should expect him to be a rubber stamp for the right’s radical obsession with stripping our rights away. We need to move forward with more equality and autonomy for all.”

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