What is Middle Class Income in Wisconsin? (Income Calculator)

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In Wisconsin, if you want to be part of the middle class, you need to make between $46,216 and $199,376 a year. How much you need to earn to be in this group changes based on how many people are in your family. Usually, this amount is right for families that have 2 to 4 members. So, if your family is this size and you make within this range of money, you’re considered middle class in Wisconsin.

Here’s a Quick Guide for Every Family Size: Curious to know about where your family fits in Wisconsin’s economic system. Find your income range that defines your status with table and calculator below.

Family Size:Income Range:
2-person family:$46,216 to $137,958
3-person family:$55,882 to $166,812
4-person family:$66,791 to $199,376.

Income Tier Calculator

Source: census.govjustice.gov

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