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What Consider a Middle-Class Income in New Jersey?

As we navigate through the economic landscape of the United States, the concept of the “middle class” remains both pivotal and elusive—especially when considering how the definition of this socioeconomic tier can greatly vary across the country’s diverse states. The middle class emblematic of the American Dream, is often characterized by financial stability, ownership of

Current United States Senators from Missouri | Updated 2023

As of 2023, Missouri is represented by two Republican members in the U.S. Senate, namely Josh Hawley (R) and Eric Schmitt (R). Who are the senators from Missouri? Josh Hawley (R) Eric Schmitt (R) How many senators does Missouri have? Additionally, Missouri’s state legislature, the Missouri General Assembly, comprises 33 state senators. List Of US

Strong Support for Missouri’s Progressive Movement: Endorsements from Diverse Leaders

We are excited to announce the overwhelming support garnered by Missouri’s progressive movement, as numerous leaders from across the state have endorsed the mission to bring about positive change. This diverse coalition of individuals and organizations stands united in their commitment to advancing the interests and well-being of Missourians. Notably, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver has joined

Trudy Busch Valentine Endorsed by Human Rights Campaign

LGBTQ+ Lives Are on the Line This November, and Valentine is Ready to Join the Fight.” St. Louis — Today, nurse and fourth-generation Missourian Trudy Busch Valentine’s campaign for U.S. Senate was endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign.  The Human Rights Campaign PAC mobilizes more than 400,000 Equality Voters in Missouri in support of pro-equality candidates.

Trudy Busch Valentine Releases Statement on Senator Graham’s Proposed National Abortion Ban

St. Louis —Today, nurse, mother, and grandmother Trudy Busch Valentine released a statement on Senator Lindsey Graham’s proposed national abortion ban.  “Politicians need to get the hell out of our doctors’ offices,” said Trudy Busch Valentine.  “As a nurse, mother, and grandmother, I wholeheartedly believe a woman should have the freedom to make her own healthcare decisions without

Your view: Missouri deserves better than Eric Schmitt

Is Missouri’s Attorney General working for you? Are his frivolous, headline-grabbing actions improving our state? No. He is generating a lot of press, but in nefarious ways. His refusal to participate in the U.S. Senate candidate debate on Sept. 17 also tells Missourians much about him: He takes action when it suits his personal political

Trudy Busch Valentine brings Senate campaign to Joplin

(JOPLIN, MO.) – Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Trudy Busch Valentine brought her campaign to Joplin Saturday afternoon stopping for an appearance before supporters and media in Joplin’s Landreth Park. Busch Valentine is running for the seat being vacated by Senator Roy Blunt. Her Republican opponent is Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt. She is one of

Trudy Busch Valentine Announces First Bill when Elected will be Legislation to Ban the Sale of American Farmland to Foreign Corporations

Columbia, MO — Today, nurse and fourth-generation Missourian Trudy Busch Valentine announced that her first bill when elected to the U.S. Senate will be legislation to ban the sale of American farmland to foreign-owned corporations and countries.  The announcement came as part of an agricultural roundtable discussion with farmers, consumers, and advocates in Columbia earlier today.