Trudy Busch Valentine, History & Biography

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Trudy Busch Valentine History

Trudy Busch Valentine is a dedicated mother and nurse with a strong commitment to helping children and her community. She’s part of a well-known family in Missouri and is now running for the U.S. Senate.

Trudy’s background is impressive. She’s a fourth-generation Missourian, meaning her family has been in Missouri for a long time. Her parents, Gertrude and August Busch Jr., were successful and instilled in her values like hard work and helping others. Trudy started volunteering in a hospital when she was just 13, which began her lifelong passion for nursing.

Her father, August, played a big role in making the Anheuser-Busch companies the largest brewery in the world. Trudy grew up with her six siblings at Grant’s Farm, a place that had a big impact on her life. She learned a lot from the people there, who were like a second family to her.

Trudy’s education focused on faith and serving others. She got a master’s degree in Pastoral studies in 2007 and has always been inspired to help her community. She got her nursing degree in 1980 and worked with children in need.

Trudy’s life hasn’t been easy. She faced the loss of her husband, John Valentine, to cancer when he was only 49, leaving her to raise their six kids alone. Later, she lost her oldest son Matthew to opioid addiction. These personal tragedies have made her even more determined to help families going through tough times.

Trudy has never stopped being a nurse at heart. She’s involved in nursing boards and charities, especially those focusing on children’s issues. Saint Louis University named their nursing school after her. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she volunteered to give vaccines, showing her commitment to healthcare.

Now, Trudy wants to use her experience and values to serve in the U.S. Senate. She aims to focus on helping families who are struggling and to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for everyone.

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