What is Middle Class Income in North Carolina? (Income Calculator)

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What is Middle Class Income in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, your annual income typically falls within a specific range, from $42,994 to $206,606, to be considered middle class. This depends on your family size. This article provides a detailed breakdown of these income ranges for various family sizes, from two-person households to families of seven. Keep in mind that other factors, such as the cost of living in your area, can also play a role in defining middle-class status.

Family Size:Income Range:
1-person family:$42,994 to $128,342
2-person family:$57,597 to $171,932
3-person family:$67,067 to $200,202
4-person family:$78,857 to $235,396
5-person family:$80,160 to $239,286
6-person family:$75,170 to $224,390
7-person family:$69,213 to $206,606

Income By Age

AgeIncome Range Est. %
15 to 24 years$40,5088.4%
25 to 44 years$82,35836.9%
45 to 64 years$90,74429.9%
65 years and over$56,31924.8%

Here’s a Quick Guide for Every Family Size: Curious to know about where your family fits in North Carolina’s economic system. Find your income range that defines your status.

Income Tier Calculator

Source: census.govjustice.gov

What is Median Income in North Carolina?

According to data from justice.gov, The table below provides a breakdown of the median income for families ranging from one to four members.

Family SizeMedian Income Range
1-person family:$64,171
2-person family:$85,966
3-person family:$100,101
4-person family:$117,698
5-person family:$119,643
6-person family:$112,195
7-person family:$103,303

Note: For each individual beyond a four-person family, an extra $9,900 is considered.

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