Opioids & Addiction

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Shame and stigma prevent too many Americans from receiving the help they need when struggling with addiction and mental health concerns. Trudy will champion individuals and families struggling with addiction, invest in recovery, and stand up to the pharmaceutical industry for their part in the opioid crisis. In the U.S. Senate, Trudy will prioritize funding to make opioid treatment more accessible, especially in rural communities. As a nurse Trudy worked directly with first responders, so she knows the vital role they play in our communities. That’s why Trudy supports funding for local police departments to investigate and enforce drug trafficking laws.

Trudy believes we need to change how the healthcare industry approaches opioids by training and supporting healthcare providers in alternative forms of pain management and responsible opioid prescription practices. And finally, Trudy will never hesitate to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for their part in creating the opioid crisis.

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