What is Middle Class Income in Illinois? (Income Calculator)

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What is Middle Class Income in Illinois?

How much you should make a year to be considered middle class in Illinois depends on your family size. For context, the latest US Census (2024) indicates a median income of $78,433 in Illinois. Generally, being part of the middle class in Illinois means earning between $48,972 to $204,334 annually, again depending on your family size. The table below provides a detailed picture of these income ranges for different family sizes, from two-person households to families of four.

Family Size:Income Range:
2-person family:$48,972 to $146,186
3-person family:$56,939 to $169,968
4-person family:$68,452 to $204,334

To find the most accurate income bracket for your family size, you can refer to the provided table or use the calculator below, which will help tailor the income range to your specific situation.

Income Tier Calculator

Source: census.govjustice.gov

What is Median Income in Illinois?

According to data from justice.gov, The table below provides a breakdown of the median income for families ranging from one to four members.

Family SizeMedian Income Range
1-person family:$61,456
2-person family:$81,190
3-person family:$97,067
4-person family:$113,649

Note: For each individual beyond a four-person family, an extra $9,900 is considered.

The economic landscape across Midwestern states reveals a complex picture. Illinois boasts a higher median household income ($78,433) than neighboring Wisconsin ($72,458). However, Wisconsin has a lower poverty rate (10.70%) compared to Illinois (11.90%). This suggests that while income levels may be higher in Illinois, a wider distribution of income could lead to more individuals facing financial hardship.

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