Current United States Senators from Missouri | Updated 2023

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As of 2023, Missouri is represented by two Republican members in the U.S. Senate, namely Josh Hawley (R) and Eric Schmitt (R).

Who are the senators from Missouri?

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley (R)

Josh Hawley (R)

  • Political party: Republican
  • Date in Office: Jan 3, 2019 – present
  • Votes Win By: 1,254,927 – 51.4%
  • Elected: 2018
  • Missouri Senator No: 34
  • Previous office: Missouri Attorney General (2017–2019)
  • Born: December 31, 1979 (age 43 years)
  • Spouse: Erin Morrow Hawley
  • Education: Yale Law School (2006), Stanford University (2002), Rockhurst High School (1998)
Missouri Senator Eric Schmitt (R)

Eric Schmitt (R)

  • Political party: Republican
  • Date in Office: Jan 3, 2023 – present
  • Votes Win By: 1,146,966 – 55.4%
  • Elected: 2022
  • Missouri Senator No: 35
  • Previous office: Missouri Attorney General (2019–2023)
  • Born: June 20, 1975 (age 48 years)
  • Spouse: Jaime Forrester
  • Education: Saint Louis University School of Law (1997–2000), De Smet Jesuit High School

How many senators does Missouri have?

Additionally, Missouri’s state legislature, the Missouri General Assembly, comprises 33 state senators.

List Of US Senators from Missouri

Senators NameSenator PartyYears in Office
David BartonDemocratic-Republican1821-1831
Alexander BucknerJacksonian1831-1833
Lewis F. LinnDemocratic1833-1843
David Rice AtchisonDemocratic1843-1855
James S. GreenDemocratic1857-1861
Waldo JohnsonUnionist1861-1862
Robert WilsonUnconditional Unionist1862-1863
Benjamin Gratz BrownRepublican1863-1867
Charles D. DrakeRepublican1867-1870
Francis P. BlairDemocratic1871-1873
Lewis V. BogyDemocratic1873-1877
James ShieldsDemocratic1879-1883
George G. VestDemocratic1879-1903
William J. StoneDemocratic1903-1918
Xenophon P. WilfleyRepublican1918-1919
Selden P. SpencerRepublican1919-1925
Harry B. HawesDemocratic1926-1933
Joel B. ClarkDemocratic1933-1945
Forrest C. DonnellRepublican1945-1951
Thomas HenningsDemocratic1951-1960
Edward V. LongDemocratic1960-1968
Thomas EagletonDemocratic1968-1987
Kit BondRepublican1987-2011
Claire McCaskillDemocratic2007-2019
Roy BluntRepublican2011-2023
Eric SchmittRepublican2023-present

Source: Wikipedia

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