List of 38 United States Senators from Alabama | Updated 2023

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Alabama has a rich political history with many individuals serving in the United States Senate since its admission to the Union on December 14, 1819. This article provides an updated list of senators representing Alabama in the United States Senate as of 2023, as well as a tabular representation of some notable senators from the past. As of 2023, the senators representing Alabama are Tommy Tuberville and Katie Britt, both from the Republican Party​.

Current Senators

SenatorPartyTerm StartTerm End
Tommy TubervilleRepublicanJan 3, 2021Jan 3, 2027
Katie BrittRepublicanJan 3, 2023Jan 3, 2029

Tommy Tuberville began his term on January 3, 2021, and will serve until January 3, 2027. Before embarking on a political career, he was known for his tenure as a football coach, most notably for the Auburn Tigers. Now, he is committed to representing the interests of Alabamians at the federal level​.

Katie Britt assumed office on January 3, 2023, with her term set to end on January 3, 2029. An attorney and businesswoman by profession, she now channels her expertise to serve the people of Alabama in the Senate, advocating for policies to foster business growth and represent the interests of her constituents on Capitol Hill​.

Notable Past Senators

Some of the notable senators from Alabama’s past included below:

Class 2 Senators

CongressSenatorTerm BeganTerm EndedReasons
16th-28thWilliam R. King (R, JR, J, D)Dec. 14, 1819Apr. 15, 1844Resigned
28th-30thDixon H. Lewis (D)Apr. 22, 1844Oct. 25, 1848Appointed, then elected; died
30th-31stBenjamin Fitzpatrick (D)Nov. 25, 1848Nov. 30, 1849Appointed
31st-32ndJeremiah Clemens (D)Nov. 30, 1849Mar. 3, 1853
33rd-38thClement Claiborne Clay Jr. (D)Mar. 4, 1853Jan. 21, 1861
40th-41stWillard Warner (R)Jul. 23, 1868Mar. 3, 1871
42nd-44thGeorge Goldthwaite (D)Jan. 15, 1872Mar. 3, 1877
45th-60thJohn T. Morgan (D)Mar. 4, 1877Jun. 11, 1907Died
60th-66thJohn H. Bankhead (D)Jun. 18, 1907Mar. 1, 1920Appointed, then elected; died
66thBraxton B. Comer (D)Mar. 5, 1920Nov. 2, 1920Appointed
66th-71stJ. Thomas Heflin (D)Nov. 3, 1920Mar. 3, 1931
72nd-79thJohn H. Bankhead II (D)Mar. 4, 1931Jun. 12, 1946Died
79thGeorge R. Swift (D)Jun. 15, 1946Nov. 5, 1946Appointed
79th-95thJohn J. Sparkman (D)Nov. 6, 1946Jan. 3, 1979
96th-104thHowell T. Heflin (D)Jan. 3, 1979Jan. 3, 1997
105th-115thJefferson B. Sessions III (R)Jan. 3, 1997Feb. 8, 2017
115thLuther J. Strange III (R)Feb. 9, 2017Jan. 3, 2018Appointed
115th-116thGordon Douglas Jones (D)Jan. 3, 2018Jan. 3, 2021
117th-Thomas Hawley Tuberville (R)Jan. 3, 2021Present

Class 3 Senators

CongressSenatorTerm StartTerm EndedReasons
16th-17thJohn W. Walker (R)Dec. 14, 1819Dec. 12, 1822Resigned
17th-18thWilliam Kelly (R, JR)Dec. 12, 1822Mar. 3, 1825
19thHenry H. Chambers (J)Mar. 4, 1825Jan. 24, 1826Died
19thIsrael Pickens (J)Feb. 17, 1826Nov. 27, 1826Appointed
19th-21stJohn McKinley (J)Nov. 27, 1826Mar. 3, 1831
22nd-24thGabriel Moore (J, AJ)Mar. 4, 1831Mar. 3, 1837
25thJohn McKinley (D)Mar. 4, 1837Apr. 22, 1837Resigned
25th-27thClement Comer Clay (D)Jun. 19, 1837Nov. 15, 1841Resigned
27th-30thArthur P. Bagby (D)Nov. 24, 1841Jun. 16, 1848Resigned
30th-32ndWilliam R. King (D)Jul. 1, 1848Dec. 20, 1852Appointed, then elected; resigned
32nd-36thBenjamin Fitzpatrick (D)Jan. 14, 1853Jan. 21, 1861Appointed, then elected; withdrew
40th-45thGeorge E. Spencer (R)Jul. 21, 1868Mar. 3, 1879
46thGeorge S. Houston (D)Mar. 4, 1879Dec. 31, 1879Died
46thLuke Pryor (D)Jan. 7, 1880Nov. 23, 1880Appointed
46th-54thJames L. Pugh (D)Nov. 24, 1880Mar. 3, 1897
55th-60thEdmund W. Pettus (D)Mar. 4, 1897Jul. 27, 1907Died
60th-63rdJoseph F. Johnston (D)Aug. 7, 1907Aug. 8,

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