Letter: Eric Schmitt represents himself, not the people

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Regarding the editorial “Since Schmitt is ignoring our invitation, we’ll ask here what kind of senator he’d be” (Oct. 20): Whom does Eric Schmitt really want to represent in the US Senate? If you’re a taxpayer, not you. He wasted your money suing China over COVID-19, and seeking to overturn the 2020 presidential election. If you’re a teacher, or the parent of a school-age child, not you. He sued 47 school districts over mask mandates that protect the health of students, teachers, and their families. If you’re a woman, not you. He has done everything he can to deny you control over your own body and health care. If you need affordable health insurance, not you. He participated in a lawsuit aimed at striking down the Affordable Care Act. If you’re a Jew, not you. He supported Kanye West’s open threats to Jews. If you’re a voter, not even you. He tried to block funding for Medicaid expansion that had already been solidly approved by Missouri voters.

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