Your view: Missouri deserves better than Eric Schmitt

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Is Missouri’s Attorney General working for you? Are his frivolous, headline-grabbing actions improving our state? No. He is generating a lot of press, but in nefarious ways. His refusal to participate in the U.S. Senate candidate debate on Sept. 17 also tells Missourians much about him: He takes action when it suits his personal political agenda.

Just in September, Eric Schmitt made headlines with his efforts to sue St. Louis, attack freedom of speech by accessing emails from University of Missouri professors, align himself and Missouri with a controversial election theory before the Supreme Court, challenge the new student loan forgiveness plan, and sidestep his responsibilities in a 43-year-old wrongful conviction case. It seems he has a need to look busy without serving Missouri

An attorney general has the ability to improve our state’s back-logged justice system and help each county’s attorneys on issues of law, advocating for an efficient, transparent legal process instead of using Missouri’s legal system for press opportunities.

We deserve better. If Eric Schmitt cannot address the obvious judicial needs across Missouri as attorney general, how can he expect to represent Missouri’s issues as a senator?

Audrey Schlote Washington

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