Standing with Seniors

Trudy will always stand up for seniors. Trudy believes that every American deserves the right to age at home for as long as they safely can. But right now, American families are facing financial strains at the end of life. Medicare, which covers more than 60 million older Americans, doesn’t cover the long-term daily care that millions of aging Americans require to remain safely at home. The median yearly cost of in-home care with a home health aide in 2020 was $54,912. That’s why in the Senate, Trudy will invest in in-home and community-based services for seniors under Medicaid. By increasing access to in-home and community services, we can ensure that low-income seniors have access to compassionate care at the end of life. 

While seniors are struggling to pay the bills, Republicans have said aloud that they want to cut Medicare benefits and privatize Social Security. Trudy knows that this is a direct insult to millions of Americans who have worked hard all their lives under the belief that their futures would be secured through these benefits. In the Senate, Trudy will tirelessly stand up against these cowardly attacks on Medicare and Social Security. Trudy will never support cutting a single dollar from these benefits or raising the retirement age by a single day. 

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