NEW ADS: Trudy Busch Valentine Calls out Eric Schmitt for “Un-American” Abortion Ban and Failure to Stand up to Communist China

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Two new ads will make clear to Missouri voters that Eric Schmitt is only interested in taking away their freedoms and selling them out to foreign countries

St. Louis — Today, nurse and fourth-generation Missourian Trudy Busch Valentine’s campaign for U.S. Senate launched two new television ads, which are now airing in markets across the state.

The first ad, titled “Un-American” calls Schmitt out for being the first attorney general in the country to trigger a near total abortion ban that’s so extreme it provides no exceptions for survivors of rape or incest, which recent polling has shown is also deeply unpopular with Missouri voters.

The second ad, titled “Agent” features a Missouri family farmer and exposes Schmitt’s consistent failure to stand up to foreign countries like Communist China, which he voted not once – but twice – to allow to buy up nearly 150,000 acres of Missouri farmland. 

“Eric Schmitt has shown Missouri over and over again that he will sell us out to the highest bidder,” said Trudy Busch Valentine. “After he voted twice to allow the sale of 146,000 acres of Missouri farmland to China, he was rewarded with thousands of dollars in campaign contributions and lobbyist gifts from a Chinese-owned company. This is precisely why our politics today are broken. We have too many career politicians like Eric Schmitt who are only in it for themselves. As someone who’s owned a Missouri farm for more than 30 years, I’ll always work in the Senate to put family farmers over Chinese profits. 

“And rather than protecting the freedom of Missourians, Eric Schmitt triggered the country’s first near total abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest. This kind of extreme government mandate is un-American and has no place in Missouri. As a nurse, mother, and grandmother, I believe politicians need to get the hell out of our doctor’s offices and that these decisions should be between a woman and her doctor. In the Senate, I will defend the freedom of every Missourian to make their own private healthcare decisions without government mandates and will vote to codify Roe.

About Trudy Busch Valentine
Trudy Busch Valentine is the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring Senator Roy Blunt. Trudy is a fourth-generation Missourian, mother, grandmother, nurse, and advocate for children’s causes. Trudy serves on a nursing board and multiple charitable organizations that focus on children’s issues. Now Trudy is running to put politics aside, stand up for all the families who are just barely getting by, and put Missourians first.

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