Protecting the Environment

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Trudy knows climate change is an undeniable scientific fact and that addressing this crisis must be a top priority in Washington DC.

Here in Missouri, the effects of climate change will impact our way of life as temperatures rise, lakes and ponds dry up, and farmers have an increasingly difficult time growing crops. Climate change is also a public health crisis as we adapt to higher temperatures and more contaminated air.

Trudy believes that we need to reduce our carbon emissions drastically,  ensure clean air and water, and transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources–like the solar power her own ranch in Missouri uses. 

Renewable energy sources aren’t just good for the environment–they also cut costs long term, create new industries and new jobs, and lower our dependence on other countries for oil.

In the U.S. Senate Trudy will always have the courage to stand up to protect our climate and promote Missourians’ health and well-being.

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