What is Middle Class Income in Kentucky? (Income Calculator)

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What is Middle Class Income in Kentucky?

How much you should make a year to be considered as a middle class in Kentucky, take a clear look at the income levels that define the middle class in the state.

For families in Kentucky, being part of the middle class means earning between $37,627 to $160,814 annually, depending on family size. This article provides a detailed picture of these income ranges for different family sizes, from two-person households to families of four.

Family Size:Income Range:
2-person family:$37,627 to $112,318
3-person family:$44,132 to $131,736
4-person family:$53,873 to $160,814

Here’s a Quick Guide for Every Family Size: Curious to know about where your family fits in Kentucky’s economic system. Find your income range that defines your status.

Income Tier Calculator

Source: census.govjustice.gov

What is Median Income in Kentucky?

According to data from justice.gov, This table below provides a breakdown of the median income for families ranging from one to four members.

Family SizeMedian Income Range
1-person family:$51,978
2-person family:$61,790
3-person family:$71,501
4-person family:$86,508

Note: Each individual beyond a four-person family, an extra $9,900 is considered.

The US Census Bureau’s recent data reveals Kentucky’s median household income at $60,183 and a per capita income of $33,515, yet 16.50% of its resident’s face poverty. In contrast, Tennessee Income reports a slightly better economic scenario, with a median income of $64,035, per capita income of $36,040, and a lower poverty rate of 13.30%, highlighting the varied economic conditions in the Midwest.

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