Trudy Busch Valentine Endorsed by Human Rights Campaign

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LGBTQ+ Lives Are on the Line This November, and Valentine is Ready to Join the Fight.”

St. Louis — Today, nurse and fourth-generation Missourian Trudy Busch Valentine’s campaign for U.S. Senate was endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign. 

The Human Rights Campaign PAC mobilizes more than 400,000 Equality Voters in Missouri in support of pro-equality candidates.

“The people of Missouri are eager for a leader who will advance their state and the nation toward progress,” said Human Rights Campaign National Campaign Director Geoff Wetrosky. “Trudy Busch Valentine is a champion for equality and the LGBTQ+ community. If elected, Valentine will not only advocate for legislation that codifies marriage equality, but she will co-sponsor the Equality Act to protect LGBTQ+ people, women, and minorities from discrimination under federal law. She knows our country cannot be a free society until all Americans have the same rights, opportunities, and protections – including the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ+ lives are on the line this November, and Valentine is ready to join the fight.” 

“I am deeply honored that our campaign for the United States Senate has received the endorsement of the Human Rights Campaign,” said Trudy Busch Valentine. “It’s a tragedy that over the last few years, we’ve seen outright assaults on the rights and safety of members of the LGBTQIA+ community. We must all work together to reject hatred and discrimination in all forms–and not just with words, but through meaningful action. In the Senate, I’ll be a proud ally and supporter of the Equality Act and the Respect for Marriage Act because I firmly believe you should have the freedom to marry who you love and live your life unapologetically and authentically with full and equal protections under the law.”

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