Trudy Busch Valentine Announces First Bill when Elected will be Legislation to Ban the Sale of American Farmland to Foreign Corporations

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Columbia, MO — Today, nurse and fourth-generation Missourian Trudy Busch Valentine announced that her first bill when elected to the U.S. Senate will be legislation to ban the sale of American farmland to foreign-owned corporations and countries. 

The announcement came as part of an agricultural roundtable discussion with farmers, consumers, and advocates in Columbia earlier today. She also demonstrated a commitment to supporting bipartisan efforts to reintroduce mandatory country of origin labeling so Americans can know where their meat is coming from.

“Missouri farmers are the backbone of our state,” said Trudy Busch Valentine. “But Eric Schmitt sold out our farmers in exchange for thousands of dollars in political contributions from foreign-backed corporations and voted not once, but twice to allow the sale of 146,000 acres of Missouri farmland to Communist China. Our agricultural industry is critical to our national and food security and protecting American farms will be a top priority for me in the Senate. That is why the first bill I will introduce, when elected, will be a bill to stop the foreign takeover of American farms. I am proud to stand in solidarity with Missouri farmers and ensure that the best days of Missouri farming are still ahead.” 

“This announcement is a positive step forward for our industry,” said Jeff Jones, owner of Jones Angus Farms. “We have been let down too many times by career politicians like Eric Schmitt who prioritize corporate greed over the needs of Missouri farmers. Missourians deserve a Senator who will fight for independent family farmers, our food security, and our way of life.”

About Trudy Busch Valentine

Trudy Busch Valentine is the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring Senator Roy Blunt. Trudy is a fourth-generation Missourian, mother, grandmother, nurse, and advocate for children’s causes. Trudy serves on a nursing board and multiple charitable organizations that focus on children’s issues. Now Trudy is running to put politics aside, stand up for all the families who are just barely getting by, and put Missourians first.

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